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Yay for first flash

Visuals were boring black white and grey only works with great detail or great mechanics. The best part of the flash was the way the head rolled and rocked back and forth, nicely done. Good luck with your next.

Lifed responds:

Ha, that head rolling took me a long time to do.


The animation was lacking along with some of the humor, but it made me smile. I think it's a very good parody of the Crucible and deserves some attention. Also if you made fun of the gulibility of all the judges more it could gain a few more laughs.


The stickmen were too stiff, just because they lack features doesn't mean you can't make them seem alive and realistic. Don't move one half of the body or one limb at a time without moving the rest. Good luck with your next.

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DestroyedPencil responds:

I tried to make them look realistic and also tried to make them move more than one limb at a time. Thank you and I might make better one in the future.

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Where's the crash?

Very good physics and good visuals not so much sound though because there was basically none. I loved the flack and the AA turrets, they were a nice touch. The biggest dissapointment was that when I died I wasn't shot down in a blaze of glory with a big boom to match. The plane suddenly was on the ground instantly, lookin like a smashed pop-can.

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Very good first game

There's no challenge to it, you can sit there with the axe spinnin around and nothing can hurt you. Add some different enemies with better designs and keep workin on how to make it unique from other top down surviving games.


Very good visuals and audio, good questions as well. there need to be some checkpoints though, I kinda fail at the trivia anyway so maybe I just didn't reach one :P

liable-to-explode responds:

No, there aren't any. The idea is to see how far you can get. That's it.

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Very good vocals

You have a very full matured voice and the song matches it nicely but I don't really like the piano keyboard, it seems to clash and take away from your voice and the lyrics. I think with better instrumentation this piece could really come alive.


You have to keep the effects changing, you can't just keep a repeating rythm and melody. Plus there needs to be more dynamic changing; crescendos and all that. But most of all make it build, make it pulse, make it LIVE! And there's to many techno songs, make some other genre.


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